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Maurice “Playyopart” Hanks 
“Keep pedaling & don’t give up”
Maurice is from Miami, Fl and has been riding for a little under 7 years. He initially started riding to get in shape, and since it has not only become his hobby, but his passion. 
Maurice combines passion for cycling with his humanitarian spirit to unite the Urban Community of Miami. Evidence of his works are prevalent throughout the city, and he wholeheartedly playing his part. 

As the Founder and CEO of Breaking the Cycle Hanks prides hisself on setting and accomplishing goals. Cycling hundreds of miles a week, and sometimes a day. 
To date his most challenging ride was 75 miles, riding against the wind to West Palm Beach.  That was his first long ride and he has since double that mileage tackling a ride from Miami to Ft. Myers, 150 miles in less than 8 hours. Next up Is 250 miles from Miami to Orlando.

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Tyrell “PT” Lewis 
“It Helps to Ride with a Passion & a lil Fashion!!”

Tyrell is from Liberty City, an area in Miami Fl. that has the largest concentrations of African Americans in South Florida. Liberty city is rich in history, this area also served as home to prominent figures such the home of Muhammad Ali. 
“PT” started cycling to stay in shape. Cycling is a new venture for him, to date he’s only been cycling 4 months.

“All credit to Breaking the Cycle, this is the only group I’ve ever cycled with & the only one I’ll ever cycle with, we are family”

Tyrell’s most difficult ride was a 40 mile journey to Metro Miami zoo. In his words, “I didn’t make it fully, and had a lot of learning to do.”

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Jancent “Jit” Wallace 
“We set the trend, they gang gang, but we are not the same”

Jancent is from Brown Sub, a notoriously dangerous area of Miami-Dade County. This neighborhood was prominently featured on the George Gittoes film “Rampage”.  A 2006 documentary film that follows the lives of three brothers living in Miami’s notorious brown sub ghettos.
 Like many others “Jit” started riding as another form of exercise. 8 years in, and he started to take cycling serious within the past year. 
Jancent appreciates that Breaking the Cycle’s authenticity sets them apart from other bike clubs. 
His most challenging ride was 150 miles from Miami to Ft. Myers. “The heat played a major part”. Looking past the 250 mile ride scheduled for Sept. ‘20, he’s looking to ride from Miami to New York (one day or week) in the future. 

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Luciano “Mask Ryder” St. Germain 
“Positive mind, positive attitude”

Luciano is from Miami, and like many others began riding for exercise. To date he’s been riding for 5 years.  

“Breaking the Cycle is more of a freestyle type of club. We doing things that differ from other cycling. Breaking the Cycle is about bringing awareness to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, giving back to communities, providing entertainment, and most of all having fun.” 

In his five years of riding his most tumultuous ride was 75 miles from Miami to West Palm Beach. Riding against the wind the entire time added resistance & made it extremely challenging. His most accomplished ride was 125 miles from Miami to Port St Lucie. 
A word for new cyclist: Welcome. 
Be prepared to push yourself, and enjoy the ride.

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Lambert “Bert” Rowe Jr.
“Work!, it can get you where you want to be”

Lambert, from Miami, Fl started riding as an outlet. To him cycling is a great stress reliever, and helps him to process his thoughts. In all he’s been cycling for about 3 years now, progressing from a hybrid to a road bike.  
“Bert” appreciates how Breaking the Cycle makes an actual difference in the  community. He states, “We don’t care about the fame people are healthier, less stressed and most importantly smiling in the midst of a pandemic & that matters most to BTC”
Lambert’s most trying trek was 108 miles from Miami to Key largo. “Man that wind was killing us I was ready to put that bike on the emergency truck, but I finished” 
As of now he looks forward to completing the team goal of cycling from Miami to Orlando in Sept.,’20.

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Ben Hanks
“Invest in a good bike and enjoy the ride”

Ben Hanks a proud product of Overtown, Miami Florida. An area once the preeminent and historic center for commerce in the black community. Overtown is also home of the historic Lyric Theatre which served as a symbol of black economic influence, as well as a social gathering place free of discrimination in the early 1900’s. 
So it’s only right that most of Breaking the Cycle rides begin in Overtown. 

Hanks has been riding 6 years, only taking it serious for the last six months. He attributes that to Breaking the Cycle. Ben stated, “For me it’s the fellowship & keeping the spirit of unity alive”

During the last six months Ben has achieved milestones never imagined. He spoke of his most difficult ride, 
“The ride to from Overtown to Key Largo, was very challenging, difficult even, we rode against the wind the intire time, but I love the idea of black men stepping outside their comfort zone doing something different, for a cause”

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Val “Kobe” Pierre 
“Ride baby”

Val Pierre hails from “Little Haiti” Miami. 
This Miami neighborhood became a safe haven for Haitian immigrants in the 80’s, and inadvertently the cultural heart of the Haitian diaspora in Miami. Despite challenges faced growing up in his community Val prevailed. He initially began cycling to add extra cardio to his workout regime. 

3 years of cycling later he has become a beacon of light in the urban cycling community. In true “Kobe” form he leads Breaking the Cycle. Making sure the team stays united, by appreciating and highlighting the unique qualities of the everyone involved. He understands that everyone comes from different walks of life, but when they ride they are one. 

After a few years of cycling his most challenging ride was completing a 150 mile journey from Miami to Ft Myers. This ride was particularly difficult because he didn’t sleep the night before, nevertheless he overcame & finished the trek in less than 8 hours. Val wants to take his passion for cycling and unite all urban communities across the entire state of Florida.

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Anthony “Rod” Siplin
“Don't be afraid to take the first pedal, even the greatest was once a beginner”

“Rod” is from Coconut Grove, (“The Grove”) an affluent & privileged area of Miami, Florida. Anthony has always cycled off and on, but has been riding consistently since April 2020. 
 “Due to the pandemic the gyms were closed & I needed to keep in shape. I wanted to challenge myself with a different type of cardio besides speed walking & running.”
“Breaking the Cycle is a unique melting pot of individuals coming together for a purpose. This proves that we can unify as people and get anything done”

“Our recent ride to Ft Myers has been the most challenging so far. This was the most miles I've ever done in one ride. The Florida weather did not make it easy, but I made it. I'm grateful for the experience and I can't wait for more challenges.”

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David “Dave” Sutton
“Take baby steps, next thing you know you’re pedaling 25 mph”

David, a Miami, Florida native, started cycling about 6 years ago for peace of mind. 
When asked what makes Breaking the Cycle different from other urban bike clubs, he replied “we love to ride and we love the people who come out to ride us, we are one big happy family”
“Dave’s” most challenging ride was the a 40 mile journey to the zoo.

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Ronny “Gee” Coney
“The chase is real”

Ronny is from Liberty City, Miami Fl.
He started riding inking in 2000 just for fun. Ronny enjoys the family oriented vibe that Breaking the Cycle offers. 
When asked his most challenging ride he replied, “none”.  

He has aspirations of riding 5k miles on his bike.

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Edvin “Ed” Alvarez
“When you think you’re done, do more”

Ed, an avid cyclist from Miami, Florida, started riding with Breaking the Cycle late May 2020. He jumped right into the infamous speed night. A night where the cyclist average 18-25 mph for 20 miles. 

“Breaking the Cycle is about unity, respect, encouragement, family, love, fun, all that good stuff!”

“My most challenging ride was Miami to Ft. Myers. Sun, humidity, & cramps was a true testament if my strength and endurance”

Ed would like to cycle from Miami to New York.  As well as ride thru the Canyons, mountains, the Falls, and have a group ride in another country.

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Reginald “Bain” Bain 
“Cycling is a lifestyle, an expensive lifestyle”
Reginald, from Miami, Fl., began cycling for cardio & 2 months later it became a new hobby.
“Bain” appreciates the friendly competitiveness that Breaking the Cycle brings to the urban cycling community. 
His most difficult ride was Miami to Fort Myers, 150 miles, this was his first long distance ride.

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